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family-icn Family Entertainment Programmes

Dramas, Movies and Telemovies


Healthy Lifestyle

Music Videos

children-T Children & Teens Programmes

Kids Stories

Featuring enriching stories presented through short dramas, bringing out lessons on good value to young viewers.

Game Shows

Teens Movies

Dramas and Telemovies carefully scripted and directed to provide our teenage viewers excellent entertainment and good moral value lessons.


women Women Programmes

Women’s Talk Shows

We’re tackling the tough issues on this talk shows, including relationship disputes, child discipline, and family values. The challenges of everyday family issues are discussed with a hopeful perspective.

Women’s Drama

Body & Soul | Beauty tips

talkshows Talk Shows

Talk Shows

Featuring open discussion on interesting social topics with guests from different walk of life.

Inspirational Inspirational Programmes

Programmes that inspire the spirit and gives hope to the soul.