I was in great depression even though I was walking with God. I was so heartbroken but I knew that only Jesus could give me peace. I just listened to worship songs and worshipped. Then I started to listen to your sermons, and they gave me a new direction.



The Master's Table program was good and edifying. We learned how to overcome temptations and control our bad thoughts through using God-given weapons. Thanks a lot.



When I started watching your programs on YouTube, something told me there are true Israelites. So I'm following all your messages coming from God.

M. S,

South Africa

I watch Angel TV and it encourages me to move forward in life. I am learning many new things through Angel TV. I am spiritually encouraged by your programs. Thank you for all your efforts for us.

L. N. K,


Angel TV has played a crucial role in building up the spiritual life of my family. Your preaching of the Gospel mainly focuses on the second coming of Christ Jesus. All for the greatest glory of God.



I got peace after you prayed for healing and prophesied my name and the bondages I am facing. Now I am delivered from attacks of the enemy. Glory to God!



While watching the healing service, I saw a black shadow in my room. The spirit of death attacked me, and I saw black shadows around me, my body was under attack by the enemy. While this was happening, I felt like fainting because I felt very dizzy. When the program ended, the attack stopped and I was delivered from that darkness. I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for healing and delivering me.



Your Ministry blesses me. I listen to your teachings every day. They are balanced and pure. Glory to God!



I saw your channel on YouTube and ever since then, I have been watching some of your sermons and are blessed by them.


South Africa

I regularly watch your videos, and your preaching gives me new strength, new hope, and a new perspective every time. I am so happy to tell you that my husband has given up drinking alcohol and is more inclined towards reading the Bible. I am thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ.

A. L.,


The messages in the prophetic conference have blessed my life, clarifying things that God wants me to do. Also, I had a dry cough and as the prophet prayed, I was healed. I thank God because He healed me.



I was watching Angel TV and it has contributed to my spiritual soul nourishment and spiritual growth. Glory to God!



I am blessed by Sadhu Iyya's messages uploaded on YouTube. It helped me in my spiritual journey, and strengthed me in the Lord.



After watching Angel TV, I received so many blessings from God. I got married and my wife and I were blessed with a baby girl. Then, my wife was conceived again and delivered two more babies, Glory to God!



Each time I watch Angel TV, I feel the Sweet Holy Spirit speak through you and renew me again. Glory to God!



This amazing Trinity concept has stretched my mental, spiritual, and physical capacity. The whole teaching has given me more wisdom and knowledge with insights and understandings; it was so wonderful. Glory to God!



I'm watching the Master’s Table program, and your teaching opened my mind. Glory to God!



I watched your prophetic words in a YouTube video. I wanted to share that I experienced a shivering sensation flowing from head to toe when Bro. Sadhu talked about the healing miracle gifts towards the end of the video. Glory to God!



I experienced a new level of anointing in the live service. I felt in my spirit that I was standing before the Almighty God, which I cannot express in words. I felt the spirit and saw in the spirit that one by one the armor was joining my body. Finally, I found myself with the full armor of God. Glory to God!



As you were praying in the live telecast, I felt the holy oil from heaven pour into my head going down. And the power of God came, my body started shaking as well as my head.Even after the live telecast, the Spirit of God continued working in my body, and words were revealed to me. Glory to God!



During prayer time in one of Angel TV’s programs, I felt a heavy anointing. My hands and entire body were shaking. I praise God for this majestic experience.

V. T.,


When the man of God prophesied about healing in the right hand, eventually, my right hand started tingling and rubbing. I even ministered to my wife, who was waiting for me to pray for her about a strange feeling on the edge of her fingers and toes while getting into bed. And there was a strong manifestation of the anointing. Glory to God!

C. M.,


During the live program, when you were praying for ministers of the gospel, I was so broken. All this while I thought I was doing the right thing while doing the work of God the way I knew how to do my little way. I never knew that I was doing wrong and that what I was doing was not the will of God. But thank God I know now. Glory to God for revealing it to me.

E. W.,


During the live service, as you were praying for us at the end of your message when you commanded the anointing and the fire of God to come upon us, I felt something like oil flowing from my head down my face to my neck, and I also felt a burning sensation all over my body. I thank God for His blessings upon my life.


South Africa

As I was watching Angel TV, you mentioned the creation of the universe as recorded in Genesis, it was a stepping stone in my life to know more about the Bible. I did my undergraduate in botany, so the evolution of plant life as recorded in the Bible is fantastic. Glory to God!



I was privileged to enroll in your teaching on the book of Revelation. It is an eye-opener for me, and I look forward to more of your supernatural teachings. Glory to God!



As I was watching your prophetic sessions, Jesus Christ saved me from suicide, depression, OCD, sexual immorality, jealousy, and seeking the approval of man. Surprisingly, some of what you talked about during the video was in the back of my mind. I am a young believer, and everything you have shared pierced my heart and I need to change. At the end of the video, you started praying for us, and I started crying uncontrollably. Glory to God for His Marvelous works!



I am refreshed by your online messages. My spirit was quickened and revived again by the anointed word that you preached for me to be ready and prepared for the coming of the Lord.



I’ve been listening to your programs for years. If it weren’t for your ministry, I don’t know how I would’ve made it through. My soul is encouraged, and I am ready to press towards the mark of the high calling. Glory to God!



When you prayed for healing, I also prayed for the pain in my finger in my right leg. God healed my pain. I thank God for healing my pain.



I am blessed by the wonderful Prophetic Conference. I felt how important it is that we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit daily so we will not be deceived.



I felt good during the Evangelical Conference. It brought a transformation in my heart and a great hope for the future. I felt healing in my heart, and the burden of not forgiving people who hurt me was taken away, and felt as if my heart was cold. Moreover, the day before, I prayed to God for my wicked mind and heart to be transformed into the Lord's heart.