I am really blessed by your message about the last day’s army of the Lord and the warning from the Lord in these last days. You taught us about preparing for Lord. So I am very thankful to you and Lord for this great revelation. I watched your video on the 'Fear of God'. The revelation Jesus showed you are amazing, it showed me that I need to fear God. Thank you. I have watched all 50 episodes of ‘The Order of Melchizedek’. Thank you because I didn't think it was possible to experience a walk like you have, to know Jesus so much.



When watching ‘Eagle's Eyes’ Season 2, I took notes of the names you mentioned and researched the man of God. I'm learning so much from this program, I believe that there's so much more about God. I am also experiencing things in my dreams like translocation, seeing visions as if I'm watching a TV, becoming invisible and passing through the wall but all of these are in my dreams. I never share this with anyone except my husband who is also hungry for more of God.



When you were teaching the word of God, I first listened to you when you were a guest speaker. I live in Baton Rouge but my sister lives in California and that is how I started listening to you through Ps. Joe Sweet’s church because my sister goes there. I listen to Angel TV now and I am thankful for you for starting this because it has helped me.



I was very worried about COVID-19 and I prayed to God to talk to me through your servant. In the dream the Lord told me to watch Angel TV and the same morning as I watched, Sadhuji was sharing from Jude 19 and 20. It comforted me very much and I started watching Angel TV from that time onwards. I also got unknown tongues and was blessed by him. All glory to Jesus!


Ranchi, India  

When I was watching the 'Prophetic Conference,' our Lord God is remembering the things that I am doing for him. During the time of doing this ministry, some said that I am doing it for my own benefit and to bring fame for myself, for my own glory. This word really broke my heart and they acted against me. While the man of God prophesied about me, these prophetical words revived my broken heart. On the day of the Prophetic conference, the word of God liberated me through the man of God, and connected me with God. I heartily thank God for allowing the telecast of this wonderful program.



I had a bulky uterus, and cysts in both ovaries and I supposed to take a laparoscopy surgery. Then the doctor gave me a tablet for hormonical balance for surgery. I took the tablet and also trusted in Lord. At that time, I saw the ‘Healing Love’ program on Angel TV. In the prayer session, Iyya said that "angels are pouring healing oil on your body" I believe that. Next month I saw the miracle. There were no more cysts in one of my ovary and in the other ovary, the cyst size was reducing. Jesus gave me healing. Praise the Lord!



I have been blessed beyond measure by your teaching about the two witnesses. We'd like to express our gratitude to you for your utmost dedication to the Lord's ministry and for helping us grow and mature spiritually in preparation for the end-times.

Y. L


Angel TV aired the ‘Eagle’s Eyes’ episode and I watched it. I was amazed by the topic entitled ‘spiritual senses.’ My spirit is joyful with my experience. I'm overjoyed to experience these spiritual things from the Lord.



During the prophetic conference, when the preacher was singing something new, I felt the presence of God. Not only was there peace in the belly but a supernatural warmth and joy and assurance in my heart.



I was watching ‘God of Compassion’ on YouTube from Angel TV. It really strengthened and encouraged me a lot. I felt the grace and presence of God while I joined at the end of the prayer.



I watched the Healing service and I was blessed. I watched and learned how to redeem myself from my problem.



When I was listening to one of your recordings on YouTube Angel TV, I felt the presence of God in my room.



I am sharing a few things with you where I am blessed about the prophetic conference, the teaching on doing good things impressed me a lot and the next teaching that impressed me is that we should not go to a path where we betray each other in ministry. We praise God for His wonderful teaching.



I started to watch the ‘Beten Yatsar’ TV program on Angel TV and I once did the confession prayer. By the grace of God, I successfully conceived and delivered a baby boy. God is so good in my life. Again, I conceived and God blessed me with a baby boy. God fulfilled my family through the ‘Beten Yatsar’ program.



During the prophetic conference, my family enjoyed the presence of God from the start until the end of the message. We did not even move away from TV due to God’s presence. We received God’s counsel and His protection from all evils during the last days.



I sincerely want to thank you for Angel TV’s ‘Tea with Iyyah’ program and the subtitles. I am learning from it and some of my doubts and questions that I had related to church and family life have been answered through your program. I thank God for it.

G. M


My family watched the Prophetic Conference telecasted live on Angel TV. Our family is very blessed to watch this program. The word of God revived our hearts and souls and gave us the thirst to live for Jesus Christ. Every word from the man of God touched our hearts and melted our minds and we pray that it will help us to experience supernatural blessings in our lives.



I watched the Prophetic conference ‘The Dragon Will Rise.’ Thank you for enlightening me in regard to the things that are going to come ahead. Also at the end, when you prayed, I felt the anointing of God coming very powerfully on me and opening my eyes and my mind to understand it all, Praise God.



I just want to thank God for showing me the area in my life that needed repentance. As I was listening to the word given by Bro. Sadhu with the title "Rising of the Bear", the message helped me to see where and what I was doing wrong. I would like to thank God for his mercy in my life.


South Africa

While watching a healing service, I received healing in my mind from witchcraft and also healing in my intestines. When my wife prayed and sprinkled the blood of Jesus over my intestines, the pain vanished. I received a noticeable deliverance from confusion and received mental clarity. God released His deliverance power through Prophet Sadhu Sundar.



I've been listening to "Eagles Eyes" on Angel TV. It has been a blessing to me, I was given with the gift of prophecy by the Holy Spirit. I am now focused on pursuing God and His kingdom. Besides working full-time in church with my husband, we also have a ministry.



When the Prophet of God, Sadhu, held the beginning of the year conference, He prophesied that God will bless the married people who have stayed long in marriage without a child. At that time, my wife was 3 months pregnant. She miscarried 3 pregnancies previously, it was so bad. But God blessed us with the miracle baby as the man of God had prayed. We are very grateful to the Lord.



I was watching an Angel TV program when my name was called out during the program and a prophecy was given, "He is Risen, Immanuel, your fear is gone". I felt very good and my fear is gone. I am thankful to God that He cares for me.


Chandigarh, India