Thank you Lord Jesus, for the second time You healed me. While I was praising You, I had my right hands lifted and my left hands were touching the parts of my body where I am feeling pain. The pain I felt before the prophetic service has gone. Thank you wonderful Jesus. The first time God healed me was in the 2020 Prophetic Conference. I was about to go to the doctor and have my x-ray and checkup but because of the Lord Jesus, I was healed right away. I can felt the healing hands of the Lord, I can felt the heat on the part of the body which is in pain. Thank you so much, Lord.

Myra Gelbas Bang

South Korea

I was unwell and feverish due to a long day and it is already late at night. While I was listening to your Prophetic Conference, I was struggling to keep awake as I was feeling weak, and there were pains in my body. Just now, as you asked us to lift up our hands and bless the name of the Lord, I got out of my bed and obeyed right till the end, I also lifted my hands to receive the benediction. Right now, I have felt my body regained its strength and tiredness left me. Praise the Lord! He is a good God indeed! Thank you for blessing me with your word of revelation regarding 666, and what the Lord revealed to you. (Prepare! Fear God, not man!) Thank you so much. God bless you.

Penny Tan Wei


Thank you man of God for the prophetic meeting held on the 29th of August. During the preaching, I felt encouraged when you say, the good Lord who saved Daniel and his friends from the den of lions will be with us and help us during the end times. I thank the Lord because I would have perished without the knowledge, wisdom, might, and the counsel of God. Thank you, Lord Jesus for this channel, it has changed my life, may the Lord bless you, Bro. Sadhu and your ministry.

Mmabatho Mokone

South Africa

I am a student of the Bible Study that is going on. I was diagnosed with Covid-19 symptoms and after three days I was at the core of the symptoms. I couldn’t attend the classes because of that. At that time, I remembered the experience which the Man of God shared in the study about Angel TV and the building project. Suddenly, the presence of God filled me and I was healed completely. Since there is no sufficient space in my home to isolate myself, I couldn’t do that. But, God protected my family as well. All praises to God alone!

Vijay John


I am a student of the Revelation Study. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on the 19th of May and started my chemotherapy on the 9th of June. I requested prayers on the 4th of August for my healing as I was waiting for my PET scan report. Thank God, my reports said that I don’t have cancer in the liver, lungs, right and left lymph nodes under the arms, and right and left breast. I praise the Almighty God for this marvelous miracle. Thank you for your prayers!

Margaret Smart


I was able to watch the re-telecast of the 40 days of prayer and fasting. I was really able to get to know the love of God. And before this, I was able to unlock the ability to talk in tongues. During those times I prayed every day asking for a miracle, which is to redeem some of my jewelries (7 articles) that were pawned in the bank for 6 - 7 years for a sum of 200,000. But a big miracle happened, after doing fasting prayer with the 40 days re-telecast fasting prayer and continuing fasting as much as possible in the coming weeks, my prayer was heard. I got my Employment Provident Fund without any problems and was able to redeem 3 of my pieces of jewelry, which is an amazing miracle in my life.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

On the 31st of May 2020, during the prophetic conference titled "What is Pentecost?" as you prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I received it instantly and started speaking in tongues, glory be to God. God is faithful in protecting us from pestilence, I give God thanks. All glory, and honor be to God. I am humbled to say that the Lord has used this program to teach me several things in my spiritual journey. I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ on the 17th of June 2017 and rededicated my vows to God in May 2020. I appreciate and thank Angel TV programs and the entire Angel TV family.

Susan Wanjugu Gathungu


I lived and was born in French Guiana and I was introduced to the teachings of Bro. Sadhu by a sister. I have the feeling that I have lost or wasted so much time. But I am grateful for the fact that I am receiving materials to push me forward on my spiritual journey. The programs have really helped me to feel more comfortable with spiritual perspectives I could not put my fingers on. Yet I am longing for God to reveal to me what is my purpose.

Rachelle Bowers


I have strongly desired the baptism of the Holy Spirit for years ever since I repented last 2015. Even after the water baptism, though I felt the power of God but I didn’t speak in tongues. Then came this very blessed day for me. As I was listening to your conference online, “What is Pentecost” held last 31 May 2020. When you started praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I was baptized and began to speak in tongues. When I came to myself I saw 2 young men there with you speaking in tongues too.



I want to say a big thank you to Brother Sadhu for the mighty work he is doing in our generation. I learned too many things just by watching the teachings, conferences, and so on. I’ve just discovered Master’s Table and I watched 2 episodes; the one about hanging out in the presence of God and the one about singing into his presence for about 1 hr per day. I want to begin doing it as of today by his grace. I also learnt that if I want to see the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in my life I have to stop sinning. I’m also reading your marvelous book titled “The spirit controlled life” with some of my friends. It is a blessing for us.

Monthe Djialeu


Sometime ago, I requested a prayer for my family members as they were diagnosed with Covid-19. As I am the only one who has to take care of them, I put my trust on God and took care of them. God graciously protected me and healed all my family members as well. Thanks, Brother Sadhu for your precious prayers. All glory to God!

Yenny Djuardi

Jakarta, Indonesia

I was watching Episode 614 of Healing Love. During the prayer time I knelt down with my hands laid on my heart. All of a sudden I was transported to my village home in Zimbabwe, Africa. At that time, I felt like something was pulled out from my chest and I was delivered at the same moment. Thank You Daddy Jesus for the healing.

Norah Anaoch Feshete


I do want to thank you for what you teach us in the Master's Table program. God renewed me. I received and I can feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly a person from my past sent a message to me and apologized for what he had done a long time ago that hurt me. It’s almost 25 years ago. I feel surprised how The Holy Spirit works. It's a miracle.



During prayer in the prophetic conference, we were kneeling down and when brother Sadhu said to be baptized with fire, I saw fire coming down upon my head and whole body, and when I looked at my wife, I saw she also received the same fire from her head to her legs. Praise the Lord!

Gheorghe Costescu


As I was watching the prophetic conference, I had an uncommon encounter during the closing of the conference, suddenly as I opened my eyes, behold your face and half of your body were shinning that I couldn't behold my eyes on you. Thanks be to the Lord God Almighty!

Stella Nkiruka Okeke


I am from an RC background. Since 2010, I am watching Angel TV which helped me believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ. Now, I am blessed in my prayer life and I have been drawn near to God. I am also blessed by the Sunday Service telecasted on Angel TV, which is so prophetic and anointed. All glory be to our Lord God Jesus in highest.

J. Linnette

Chennai, India

My wife used to listen to your YouTube messages, she introduced you to me. Before, I never understood the book of Revelation. But after listening to your sermons, I am able to understand the truth in the book. I want to know God's word more. Thank you for providing valuable messages of God in these last days.

Sundeep Mupparaju

Hyderabad, India

I truly believe in your sermon which represents the voice of God. I am not just blessed but I feel that I am in peace and free from fear. As I submit to our Lord Jesus. He will lead me and guide me. Thank you for guiding and showing us the way to our Savior through whom we can have eternal life.


Mysore, India

As I was watching the prophetic conference on 29 March 2020, I was filled in the Holy Spirit while Sadhu Iyya was praying and I was confessing my sins and crying. God spoke to me through Sadhu Iyya when he said "you are sanctified, sin no more" this comforted me a lot, thank you so much for praying for me.


Bangalore, India

I received the healing of the Lord by watching the healing service. I used to have severe headaches. I also had problems with my uterus. As I was praying along with the pastor while watching the healing service telecasted on Angel TV, all of a sudden my headache and pain in my uterus was completely gone. I thank the Lord for the complete healing. I have no words to express my gratitude to our Lord.


Vellore, India

During the healing service, you started the prayer saying that someone has pain in the stomach and that their stomach gets swollen often and also right after that you prayed for severe back pain. My stomach always gets swollen if I eat something or even if drink water and I’d be in so much pain. As of now, I don’t have that pain anymore.

Ruth Pearl Selwyn

Hyderabad, India

I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for bringing the word of God to us. This is my testimony. During the prayer time, I felt like a fire was on the left side of my hand but it wasn't burning me every time I move my hand I feel the fire but not a hair on my hand was scorch glory be to God our protector.



I've suffered from depression for a few days, then I watched the healing service and I felt peace beyond understanding filling me from the beginning of the session to the end. I thank the Lord Jesus for giving me this amazing peace.


Tirunelveli, India

Praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for His healing power. He healed me of burning chest pain. I was worried and sleepless for 3 nights, yet the Lord gave me the strength to pray and live normally in the daytime. I love to watch Healing Love.


Kuala Lumpur

As I watch the Master's table and other teachings from Angel TV. My wife and I learned much from you. Glory be to God.



I am very much blessed by the Master’s Table teaching. I always had a thought that I am not good enough for God to use me, but now I am clear that I can always run to Him and I am precious in His sight. Praise God!



I am a strong believer of Christ and had been waiting upon the Lord for an anointing for 7 years. I saw your prophetic conference about the Day of Pentecost and exactly on the next day I felt God's magnificent presence upon me and I started speaking so much more in confidence in the tongues.

Saumiya Mathew

Kerala, India

I used to listen to your messages on YouTube and it changed life. God is working wonders in my life. Now I know how to wait on God. Now I know that I must prepare myself, I am growing spiritually and I love God with all my heart. Glory to God!

Rathani Rachel Ndou

South Africa

I was watching one of your prophetic conferences on YouTube and I followed the instructions to repent and rededicate myself to the Lord at the end of it. A specific joy came to me after kneeling down, I believe with all my heart, that the Lord has touched me.

Favor Daniel


I saw your teaching on YouTube about the Resurrection Power of God. Yes, I want to receive this Resurrection Power from God. I will seek the Lord’s face for this in my royal chamber. Thank you for your prayers.

Jacqueline Engelere


I want to thank you for the deep educative and highly spiritual gospel teachings. I follow your Master’s Table per episode and I get more clarity and understanding of God’s mysteries.


Ramaphakela, South Africa

Thank you a trillion times for warning us and educating us from the Holy Word of God to prepare. Always glad to listen to your sermon, which is not from any human wisdom, but from divine order.


Mumbai, India

I am very happy to watch the Master’s Table session on YouTube. I’m blessed because for the past two weeks I was asking the Lord about the meaning of Rod and staff but today I got an answer.



I like and enjoy your teachings through your TV programs. I saw on Angel TV where you were showing how we Christians are being tortured and killed by enemies. Very inhuman.


Mumbai, India

While watching the Prophetic Conference I was baptized by the Holy Spirit and I prayed in tongues for one hour. Glory to God!

Okonye John Francis


I enjoy many shows on Angel TV. It’s been a great blessing to me in various ways. All Glory be to God.

Gregory Gloss


I was healed from severe typhoid while I was watching the prophetic conference and since that day all the pain and symptoms disappeared. Thank you, Lord.